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in the local economy by my parts. every person who works on my product is going to raise the price of my product. every hand that touches the unit that i sell, a certain percentage of the company buys this products. every time i go to a vendor to get a part, my costs will increase. my competitor build a similar part for almost a third of what i build a mine. you will take away the factory workers who manufacture my parts. this is all usa jobs. lower the price of gas. back to two bucks a gallon and you won't have to worry about the minimum wage. host: how would an economist pre-minimum wage respond to that caller? guest: you are raising the cost of that worker to that business. that worker will have more money to spend. you can make more profits. you can pass the cost to people who are buying your goods by raising prices. raising the minimum wage has an effect on the economy. the question -- if there is a chance it would raise unemployment or perhaps put a business in the red. host: michelle, tacoma, washington. caller: i just realized our state is one of the higher states with minimum w
a gallon. in arlington prices are not nearly that high. >> they should be going down, right? the economy is hurting right now. we cannot afford this. >> a lot of us are frustrated. aaa says the average price for regular stands at $3.74 a gallon. it is a little cheaper in virginia at $3.61. economies. the economists worry along surge in prices could hurt the economy. >> i feel like there is every excuse in the world for gas prices to go up. but one reason for the recent tax hike -- price type might be because of opec. production was cut by about 1 million barrels a day. partly in response to rising oil production and parts of the world, including the united states. >> developments in the investigation on to the carnival cruise ship disaster. the full investigation is expected to take six months. more than 4000 passengers through stranded on that ship for five days in the gulf of mexico after the triumph of power. >> a lawsuit against the university of maryland by the acc appears to be moving forward. a judge has denied a request to have a lawsuit dismissed. it was to force the university
people civilians working, and all of the defense contractors, our economy is based a lot on the prau fits of defense contractors, and they will get wiped out we are told, many of they will will. so it's a huge problem. if it goes for a couple days or maybe a week, they think they can work their way out and there are all kinds of new plans. the democrats want to end employment and tax benefits for the wealthy, and the republicans are against anything with a tax on it, and they are strictly for cuts, and there's no sign of any kind of a compromise. >> and there was an interesting statement, and the fact that the greatest threat to national security is budget uncertainty, and this is an example that if this thing goes through, it's going to hurt a lot, and especially in northern virginia. >> not just northern virginia, we're talking about the washington region. >> and the number of people who will be laid off, and two, not hired because you can't hire if you don't have a budget to do it, and then take into account that a lot of universities and hospitals here get grants to study, the impact
's economy. at dot, we will need to cut nearly a billion dollars, which will affect dozens of our programs. over $600 million of these cuts will need to come from the federal aviation administration, the agency that controls and manages our nation's skies. as a result of these cuts, the vast majority of faa's nearly 47,000 employees will be furloughed for approximately one day per pay period until the end of the fiscal year, and in some cases it could be as many as two days. today we are sharing more details with our unions and with industry so they can start planning for serious impacts of sequester. here is what these automatic cuts are going to mean for the traveling public. obviously, as always, safety is our top priority, and we will never allow the amount of air travel we can handle safely to take off and land, which means travelers should expect delays. flights to major cities like new york, chicago, and san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours because we have fewer controllers on staff. delays in these major airports will ripple across
that trend and take one oracle -- 1-2% of our economy every year to convert to green energy, we would be much further ahead. i'm so tired of the republican party to always be anti-green. we have an issue on this planet. i would like to see some things done in regard to that. green energy is important, and we should pursue it. thank you so much. guest: nobody is saying that it is not important. what they are seeing is that the federal government does not need the department of energy -- it does not need to be putting money into loan programs for companies like solyndra and fiskar. others -- they have gone bankrupt the. have gotten hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for loan programs and all of those companies that got those loans with that taunt of money have gone bankrupt. something is wrong with the vetting process and something is wrong with technology that it is not working in the marketplace. i had solar panels on my house in tennessee as a test keys thursday as a test case 30 + years ago. they're looking to see if we could get enough heat units per day in solar panels. we never got
. >>> massive budget cuts could rock our economy. what's being done. and they are some of the most coveted seats around, the bleachers for the red carpets at the academy awards. find out how to get your hands on one tough to come by ticket. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. >>> let's start off with a lack at the weather cameras. rain showers on and off. wet conditions all across the board with the wind gusts wicked and the rain totals up around an inch or so. parkville, again, that weather was whipping with the wet conditions and the same deal in annapolis today. winds beginning to pick up now even as the rain begins to clear out to the east, kind of ugly weather state wide, including in the
a devastating impact on our local economy, not to mention all the individuals and their families out of a job for a time. those concerns have a lot of you pretty upset. our jessica doyle is taking your concerns to congress with a question some local lawmakers didn't seem to want to hear. >> reporter: march 1st could be a very bad day for the region's workforce. without a deal on capitol hill sequestration will force deep federal spending cuts, hundreds of thousands of federal workers and private employees could be furloughed. the threat that one wusa9 viewer -- got one wusa9 viewer so mad she made this proposal. congress should step up to the plate and take one furlough day each week until they actually make some decent decisions about how to make the economy better, so we decided to take her proposal to capitol hill and ask our four local senators would they be willing to accept furloughs if federal workers are forced to. all of the democratic lawmakers have spoken out against sequestration and have expressed their opposition to furloughs for any workers, but none of them answered our speci
and our economy at risk to protect a few special-interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations? that's the choice. >> of sequestration was never in meant to be implemented, then why wasn't implemented? >> it was a failure by the white house. the president of the one guy who can step above all of it and he's just playing politics. >> are we having fun yet? >> there is a sense of sleepwalking. i think republicans are making it a serious political mistake to be on the substance of the issue in underestimating how much they're going to be blamed for what happens. >> you think the armageddon scenario has been overplayed. >> it is the biggest hype since the mayan calendar. it's ridiculous. here we are spending $3.50 trillion per year. this is an $85 billion cut. it's about -- what? a few cents on the dollar? it's the end of the world? we are so much in debt. if we cannot cut this minuscule amount with trillions in deficits every year, we're headed towards greece. we're going to make them look solvent. >> at one pentagon official says, "it really sca
's economy. >> it's a green light. this may be the last chance you get. >> reporter: 25 virginia state senators did hit their green light, voted yes and followed their house counterparts in approving the measure that will pump $3.5 billion into roads, transit and rail over the next five years. >> it will enable us to contribute a lot more money to rail, improve the services to get you to rail, perhaps widen some major arteries a little bit. >> reporter: prince william county senator is the longest serving senator in virginia history. and he counts this bill as one of the most significant he's ever helped pass. >> it's very important. it's going to change people's lives. >> reporter: the transportation bill contains a complicated plan for raising new revenue. it reduces the state gas tax but hikes the state sales tax and several other fees. traffic took northern virginia and hampton roads will be able to raise more money for priority projects through a bigger sales tax hike, a hotel tax and home sales fee. some senators say two taxing levels is unfair and others fear the impact on the r
. >> these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment list. people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up, again. >> and that's why democrats, republicans, business leaders and economists they've already said that these cuts here in washington and sequesteration are a bad idea. they're not good for our economy and not how we should run our government. >> congress asks that this plan replace cuts through january of next year, which means, again, we are looking at another replacement plan, something far from a long-term solution to the budget problem. >> this morning we're looking at our area is among the areas that can be hurt the most by. government spending makes up 20% of our economy. defense spending also makes up almost 10% of our economy. >>> and right now, prince william county police are on the scene of a bizarre crime spree that started last night and ended with an suv crashing into a house in woodridge. tony is live on the scene with new developments. tell us what you learned.
now, a tremor will hit the american economy that is both unwelcome and unnecessary. it is an across-the-board cut in spending that, according to some estimates, will cost us 750,000 american jobs. as we will hear today, there are some estimates that that is too conservative. if one takes into account the ripple effects of the tremor, it may cost us many more jobs than that, but even by the most conservative estimates, 750,000 americans who worked in contract in firms, research companies, universities, hospitals, child care centers, schools, businesses small and large around the country, and who work for the government itself, will find themselves and their country at risk. this does not need to happen. led by my friend and colleague from whom we will hear in a little while about the specifics, we put forward a constructive, common-since alternative to avoid these 750,000 layoffs. the alternative, frankly, involves closing tax loopholes that the wealthiest among us can exploit and take advantage of, and stopping mindless subsidies to huge oil companies and agribusinesses. it makes se
put thousands of dollars per month in the local economy by my --buying my parts. every person who works on my product is going to raise the price of my product. every hand that touches the unit that i sell, a certain percentage of the company buys --country buys this product. every time i go to a vendor to get a part, my costs will increase. my competitor works in china. my competitor build a similar part for almost a third of what i am an american. you will take away the factory workers who manufacture my parts. this is all usa jobs. last point. instead of raising the minimum wage, lower the price of gas. back to two bucks a gallon and you won't have to worry about the minimum wage. i appreciate the opportunity. thank you so much. host: how would an economist pre-minimum wage respond to that caller? guest: you are raising the cost of that worker to that business. on the other hand, that worker will have more money to spend. as a business owner, you can make more profits. you can pass the cost to people who are buying your goods by raising prices. i think that is a little bit of
evening to you. $3.99 at this gas station right here. the timing is not good for this. the economy is fragile, and all the money that is going into gas tanks, it would and could be going into instead groceries, maybe a movie out, maybe a dinner out. at gas stations across the country, customers are asking the same question. what could possibly send gas prices up 43 cents in a month? that's an extra $8.60 on a 20-gallon car. in chicago, more than that, up 70 cents in a month to 4.$4.22 gallon. for taxi driver ray hubert, that's real money. >> it digs into my pocket. i pay for my own gas, nobody else pays for it. >> reporter: in los angeles, up 50 cents in a month to $4.28, some stations charging more than $5 a gallon. >> it doesn't make sense. we went to vegas last weekend and the prices were like $1.50 less. >> reporter: were portland to portland, gas prices have risen every day for the last month. >> the rising gasoline prices is extraordinary for this time of year. we usually see this happen as we go into the summer driving season. >> reporter: what's going on? analysts say the r
of the local economy. we have more now on how this could impact all of us. >> with so much money off the table and billions of dollars out of the economy, and economists say everyone will feel the sting from sequestration if it does take effect, but especially the small businesses where profit margins are tight. >> a major investment in a new business just as the driving force of the local economy could take a big swipe out of spending. >> we're hoping we are not too effective but i guess we will see. >> it dream come true for several friends. >> we have taken a leap of faith in the academy. >> but right now, they fear an unpleasant reality. yearsa is a couple of into her own salon and 40% of her profits come from other than basic care cuts. she believes billions of dollars at the local economy will take a bite out of her business. >> i feel like it will effect us on a large scale. in neighborhoods where you hear a lot of shops, they rely on foot traffic and disposable income. >> a lot of people come through. this is a big area. >> across the region, construction is booming again. will there b
, now just seven days until the sequester. the economy already lies in its cross-hairs. is your 401(k) even more at risk? why you may want to check your portfolio. >>> and we'll drink about anything to score a caffeine kick but you would rub jell on your skin to get a bigger energy high? a breakthrough hopes to revolutionize a multibillion-dollar industry. shark tank's damon jobs is one of the guys behind it and he is here in a fox business exclusive. even when they say it's not it is always about money. adam: melissa francis is on vacation. i'm adam shapiro. we'll start tonight with a warning from bellwether wal-mart t says they're facing a sluggish start to the year because higher payroll taxes and higher gas prices are weighing on sales. here's what one wal-mart executive said in an e-mail to his colleagues. in case you haven't seen a sales report these days, february, month to date sales, are a total disaster. the worst start to a month i have seen in my roughly seven years with the company. now we all know that when wal-mart gets hammered, it's not good for everyone else. so toda
in rockville to make the appeal. maryland's economy could be devastated by the billions of dollars in potential cuts. a new report backs up those county executives' argument. that report by wells fargo security warns that the entire d.c. area, including virginia and the district is one much regions that could be hurt the most. it authors say the government spending makes up about 20%f our local economy, defense spending makes up almost 10% of our economy. >>> a disgraced politician asking for a second chance in a new ad campaign. >>> plus, even if you're not a sports fan, you have to see this video. the amazing work of a pint-sized player with shocking skills. >>> rain is headed our way. when it will arrive with weather and traffic on the 1s. >>> the concern that hurricane sandy may not be finished (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the
the board budget cuts. growing expectations of a eight- ripple effect to the economy especially here in our region if the deal is not reached between the white house and congress. leon panetta said the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers would be furloughed one day a week after 22 weeks. d.c. virginia, and maryland are expected to be hit the hardest. the impact on many of you in the private sector. >> brenman garay said he gets a lot of business from people who stay at nearby hotels on government related business. >> during that time there will be in two or three times a week. or more. >> if the 10% cuts go through he is worried what the impact will be on small businesses like his. >> of the will not be coming in town or there will be more for when they are here. >> the defense department announced a plan that would get our region harder than anyone else along with the rest of the federal cut sprayed it could have a devastating impact on the economy. >> it will have a big impact on travel. >> fewer passengers would use our local airports. and it would hurt car
tax base, each day based on our estimates is possibly $500,000. >> and local economies get slammed. prince george's county executive baker. >> ten days of furlough equal $120 million in lost income for federal employees for the county. >> these cuts are not smart, they're not fair. they will will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roles. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> history this time may not repeat itself. in recent history when we have big budget showdowns with big deadlines and big consequences for failure, there has been a last-minute deal or a deal a few minutes after the last minute. this time, there is a growing sequestration that happened with consequences so dire, everybody will be blamings the other guy. derek. >> gary nurenberg. >>> tomorrow the white house is expected to announce tougher message for confronting cyber espionage. there is mounting evidence that a chinese military unit has been stealing all orts of u.s. government data as well as corporate trade secrets. >>> oh, baby. imagine
the economy. >> this should be a no-brainer. let me just point out that it will slow down the recovery. >> reporter: the transportation secretary said that furloughs due to budget cuts will mean major headaches for airline travelers. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago, and san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes. >> reporter: lahood warns delayed and cancelled flights will begin a month after the march 1st cuts kick in, and air traffic control towers at smaller airports will be closed. today's statements echo other agency heads recently on capitol hill warning of consequences and follows president obama's appearance with first responders highlighting the interruption of vital services. >> the president is making stuff up he puts law enforcement, firemen and policemen, who 98% of them are used with local taxes and said you're going to lose the local policemen because of this. >> reporter: lawmakers are concerned-- concerned about the impact to cuts in national security o. the economic side, there is an increasing debate about the impact of seq
are fed up. george lettis has that story. >> a massive fiscal crisis, the economy hanging in the balance, and congress takes a break. according to congressional observers, congress gets one week off for every federal holiday, two weeks for spring break. and amany members come in on tuesday month for august -- and a month for august. and leave thursday evening. david walker has started a campaign. no break for members of congress. >> it is time to focus full- time on trying to defuse our ticking time bomb. -- debt bomb. >> they should say, why aren't you back in washington doing the people's work? >> members of congress said they need to take care of their constituent business back home. congress needs to act to keep the government operating. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think congress should be able to break for holidays before major problems are resolved? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> watch did try to come up with a new wa
. this is "the bill press show." one week, one week to go before the sequester kicks in and this economy goes into a tailspin. thank you, john boehner. what do you say, everybody? guess what. it's a fred. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> damn straight friday february 22nd. ♪ alleluia. >> bill: and we love fridays here at the bill press show. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> bill: i am sure you do as well. for some of you, a short week for you rest of us we are taking a look at the big stories of the day and giving you a chance to sound off and tell us what you think about it. 866-55-press is our toll-free number. congress comes back in session next week. they don't come back until tuesday. the sequester kicks in until friday. we will see if they can get anything done. i doubt it very very much in those three days that they are here. they like the sequester. they want it to happen. they want employees to lose their job at the pentagon. they want the economy to go in a tailspin. they want headstart and the pel grants and tsa and air traffic controllers and you name it acros
with the the sequester. it's hanging over the economy. and you say like the airplane we are flying is going down and we're taking a break to watch the in-flight movie. so what are you talking about? is this sort of a lack of urgency from both sides? because there's no incentive for democrats nor republicans to cut a deal here? >> i am not saying that at all, alex. i'm saying that the house leadership on the republican side, which controls the schedule, controls the calendar, they have every power to bring us back to d.c., to go back to our desks on the floor of the house and work out the problem. with ten days to go before the ridiculous sequester takes place, we don't get called back to washington. instead, we have what we call a district work week scheduled. in other words, people are working on things other than averting this sequester. i think it's ridiculous. i think that even to see the republican house leadership working hardest on blaming president obama for the sequester is foolish. what we have is speaker boehner making posters about president obama trying to call it the obama-quester, sort o
leading the country in stressing graduation over enrollment. it is going to strengthen the economy of the state of ohio. [applause] >> we got to integrate business with academics. who i mean, this is a big challenge, and it's a big challenge worldwide. some countries get better than others. germany does a pretty good job at this. america's floundered on this. you see, if we can bring our business community, our job creators into k-12 and a two-year and four-year schools and help to design the curriculum and help to give people a view of what it means to work in those different entities, we're going to turn kids on for education. and it's all this business of job training, and all of you in the general assembly, you get it. i appreciate and thank you for your attention. i understand the first dose of the ohio senate are on job training. and we'll going to work on this day and night until we fully integrated. we are making great progress, we have a way to go. and it involves changing the culture of our state, changing the culture of academia and convincing businesses that working wit
coming from china are having devastating consequences on the u.s. economy. in short, u.s. investigators are accused china of economic espionage, of stealing research and design. this allows them to compete without stealing billions on innovation and product development. if this is true, americans should care because it's costing them countless jobs. they are calling this the biggest transfer of wealth in history. >> we saw one of a cyber pearl harbor. and the white house is preparing to take action. >> reporter: this week, they are announcing plans to help private companies in identifying and mitigating such attacks, george. >>> we're going to go to the white house, where president obama will appear later this morning, to warn against the next budget crisis that's coming fast. automatic spending cuts to hit every government program in just ten days. abc's jon karl has more on what we expect to hear from the president. good morning, jon. he's going to ratchet up the pressure on congress. >> reporter: he sure is. he's trying to shame congress to do something to replace the cuts. and this
to the economy, but people start hearing, layoffs will, uh, people will see less money in their medicare payments to doctors. as these real-world costs hit, it will be interesting, and likely what drives the eventual deal will be with the political pressure lands on. host: can you walk us through the next six or seven days? as you indicated, the president traveling to norfolk, virginia, an area have the with pentagon contracts and military construction and the navy shipyards. what are you looking for? guest: the most interesting things will be the votes in the house and senate. if democrats are able to win over a number of republicans to get a compromise through, that would really upset the equation. it would be very much unexpected. that is maybe our one chance to avert the sequester. more likely, it will be a vote were democrats -- where democrats put forward a plan but fails. then you'll see a lot of finger- pointing from both sides, with republican saying, democrats could not pass of planned. the democrats will say, republicans are the ones who blocked our compromise to be in the senate. -- p
to do with a rotten economy. older adults are staying in the work force longer any younger adults staying out of the work force longer because they cannot get into it. host: if you don't have a retirement, there is this option -- norman is joining us from maryland, 45 years old. how much have you saved so far for your retirement? caller: first, thanks for having an article on this subject. i have been waiting for this opportunity. i have $2,800 in my 401k plan. i am wanting your opinion for people my age. i was born in 1968. it seems we are at the tail end of the pension plans and profit- sharing and at the front end of all the financial crises in the country. people my age, it seems we were never able told the 10% we were told, the city to hold 10% your entire working life for your retirement. between jobs and layoffs -- and i have always been fortunate to make as much as college graduates, but between the jobs and layoffs throughout my work life and the clinton era taxes and everything -- i'm not blaming him, i thought he was a good president even though i am a republican, i jus
weakness in the economy, including another leg down in europe and a possible pause in the great chinese comeback, or if he says things are gotten so terrible that he's got to buy even more bonds, something that drives the conservatives crazy, then look for more days like wednesday and thursday. no matter what we get from all of these earnings. if we didn't have the testimony, then we would be spending the whole week parsing the language of retail as a whole host of them are reporting. for example, is the bullish home repair theme still intact? the one i keep talking about on the show. how about we give a listen to lowe's on monday? and home depot on tuesday. both of these companies have been soaring on the thesis that with housing roaring back people need either to fix up their old house in order to sell it or fix up their new house to improve it. the thesis is it's finally worth it to put money into improving your home because with home prices rising, and they are from the numbers we saw earlier this week, you can get your money back and then some. just like the old days. we'll pay ext
the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ ♪
on maryland's economy. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is also a warning about the effects of the sequester. he has written to president obama asking him to keep his campaign pledge to avert automatic spending cuts. bob mcdonnell says virginia would feel the cuts more than any other state because a bid setting concentration of military assets. >> family and friends are looking for answers after a former marine died in a police involved shooting in alexandria. police went to a home on duke street on monday and ordered to investigate a domestic dispute. a witness told abc 7 news that when officers arrived, a man identified by family members as 30-year-old pat sellers had a gun and did not drop it. the witnesses then heard a gunshot and the man was dead. family and friends are stunned >> . it's like i'm dreaming. i am very numb. >> i know he did not cause any problems in alexandria. >> police say the officers involved in the shooting are on leave. detectives are piecing together what exactly happened. >> the mother of a toddler who was allegedly drowned by the father of its filing a lawsuit. t
. >> these cuts are not smart not there, they will honor its our economy, and hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roll. palooza their jobs. the-- people will lose their jobs. >> he felt initially that it would pressure congress, but now he says it's not an option. >> residents will get the chance to hear more about montgomery county's challenges, accomplishments, and future plans this evening when county executive gives his state of the congcounty address. >> that will be broadcast live on county's cable channel as well as on their web site. 4:50. jacqui says we need to have warm clothing today. >> bundle up. wind out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour. that will pickup to 25 miles an hour. it will be bitter cold today. like sunday. gaithersburg is 18 degrees and it feels like 16 in hagerstown. 26 in winchester. we are concerned with the temperature near freezing but there will be some slick spots. we have a few lake-effect snow showers moving along the mason- dixon line. don't be surprised if you get a few of those especially this morning. our next system in parts of texas
it will affect the economy, middle- class, and the small business. if a deal is not reached by march 1 the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers will be furloughed. virginia and maryland are two of five states expected to be hardest hit. it would have a big impact on travel. fewer passengers would use d.c. area airports and fewer people will take vacations this summer. >> today's the day you can start entering the lottery to get tickets for one of the most popular events in d.c. >> the annual white house easter egg roll, the ticket lottery started to cry a.m. this morning and will end on 10:00 february 25. >> in business news, is american or british dates for boeing. >> few americans are spending money now that paychecks are getting smaller. linda bell joins us with those stories and more. >> w know anyone spending less now that our paychecks are a little lighter? the payroll tax cut is leaving 70% of americans to cut back on spending. the national retail federation says many are delaying major purchases on items such as tv sets furniture, and cars. wal-mart is bla
on other parts of the economy, which slows economic growth. >> gasoline took the biggest slice out of the family pie last year than any other year in the decade. popup advertisements, getting worse on your mobile device. these annoying advertisements are likely here to stay. chris explains. >> just like on your desktop, they are popping up on your smart phone, at a pace so maddening they have been given their own unique an appropriate name. >> this is a new genre of global advertising, madware. >> madware, mobil ad where the pops up as to settle into a game of angry birds. angry birds is one of the most common ways that it gets in your device. >> we have seen an increase in the number of apps that had madware characteristics. >> they said no one should be surprised. apps are the easiest way in. >> an official ring town or wallpaper on the device. >> he says it is not illegal, just annoying, and norton has a device that can help. >> it is called spot, it will analyze apps on your tablet. >> after analysis, you can remove the ones with the most madware and going forward, read the fin
economy at risk just to protect a few special-interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and big corporations? >> president obama was not the only one focusing on the sequester today. >> 3 county leaders from maryland met this morning to figure out what to do should the cuts go into effect. jummy olabanji joins us now. a lot of concern that the deadlines are coming quickly. >> absolutely. officials from montgomery prince george's, and howard county is in maryland say the time for congress to act is right now. they say on march 1 they will be hit with a financial storm like to know whether, if not. >> we don't need to wait to see this to start responding because of the potential that we see. this challenge israel right now. >> elected officials in maryland are not waiting for the other shoe to drop while their constituents livelihoods are at stake. >> these are actual folks who not able to pay their mortgage or teachers who will not get grants of housing vouchers. >> sequestration could mean big problems for the free state. marilyn as 130,000 federal workers whos
. >> what are they saying and what are they saying about the economy? >> looking backward they're saying walmart had a very good christmas. they earned more than expected. they came in light on sales. however, going forward that's really a question. walmart is considered a bellwether for our economy and what they told us this morning is that the payroll tax cut is impacting consumers. the hike that we saw at the beginning of the year the 2% hike which takes about $20 out of people's weekly paycheck is hitting the consumer and gasoline prices are up 50 cents in the last month and there's a tell prey knock on the consumer right now because refunds have been delayed. the tax code had to be overhauled as a result of the many of the reforms of last year and they're saying their consumer has been hit by delays in the refund checks about $20 billion in refund checks didn't go out on time. >> all right. new information. rebe rebecca rebecca, thank you. >>> the obama administration plans fines, penalties, and trade sanctions against any government that sponsors hacking.
priorities right now. keeping the economy moving in a forward direction is where the focus should be. >> immigrants are a big part of why the u.s. is as successful as it is. >> immigration has long divided republicans and democrats. a bipartisan group is making progress towards compromise, which now seems in danger after plans from the white house leaked out. >> this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or he does -- or does he want to get political a bandage in the next election? >> it is not going to work. we will not be able to get the votes to pass in the house. >> the president's new chief of staff insist it was only meant as a backup if the bipartisan proposal stalls in the house or senate. >> he says it is dead on arrival. >> keep in mind that the bipartisan compromise is still a work in progress. there is no actual plan yet to unveil. the democrats say give it time, and republicans say there will be a link between illegal immigrants obtain green cards and tightening border security. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >
from the new director of the training economy, -- academy, major joseph smith on his priorities. >>> a delegation of lawmakers in cuba today. five senators are asking raul castro to release the maryland businessman to improve relations between the two countries. gross is serving a 15-year sentence for bringing communications equipment to the communist country. cuba said it is willing to release the 63-year-old. but in return, it wants washington to return five cube arn intelligence agents imprisoned in the u.s. >>> heated words today over the proposed gas tax. maryland house republicans say the state needs better management of transportation revenues, not more taxes. senate president mike hiller responded by calling them neanderthals in terms of their thinking. the bill would put a 3% tax on a gallon of gas. miller's proposal would make it harder to use in other budget holes. >>> well, it sounds like a hollywood action film. but for police in belgium, the robbery of millions of dollars in diamonds from a plane is very real. venita neyer --
. >> we do not need these automatic,-spending cuts that could hurt our economy and military readiness. >> house speaker john boehner asked of the president, what is he doing to stop the sequester that would hollow out our armed forces? as politicians squabble over who should give what in negotiations, defense secretary leon panetta is overseas talking with nato about how the budget cuts could impact allies internationally. >> companies in maryland are plenty concerned that cuts and furloughs in the pentagon may hurt their bottom lines. the howard county chamber of commerce has launched a new venture to build relationships between the defense department of local contractors. sequestration is putting future government projects up in the air. >> 2/3 of our volume comes from the intelligence community. it is a huge impact. we're looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies we spoke to said they don't expect immediate personnel changes, because most projects are already paid for. the future is their main concern. still ahead, i will chat with jilliam michaels. she has a new book ou
economy, local residents say more expensive meat means they may have to eat something else. >> if against pricier, i will eat more vegetables. >> vegetables could alsaffected. the agriculture department has warned of the cuts happen, there will be less money available for pest and disease prevention which could hit farmers hard with more out bricks to their crops. >> i am concerned about this. >> local residents shopping today say they are used to dysfunction in washington, just not when it reaches their dinner table. >> i guess somehow we would all be affected, but i never imagined it would be meet on my table. >> this is only one small part of the broad effect if the budget cuts take effect. president obama will take his message on the road to newport news, va., tuesday, and urged congress to come to a deal before any of this happens. >> changing gears, we are just one day away from the oscars. >> cynne simpson and r campbell are in los angeles for the big night in hollywood. -- and arch campbell are in los angeles for the big night in hollywood. are you enjoying the weather? >> it is n
are not smart. they're not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might pick up again. >> i will denight president -- i will deny the president -- >> stephanie: boner said washington democrats new found concern about the president's sequester -- he's clever how he keeps calling it -- [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> obama quester. >> stephanie: social media boys and i came up with that over bourbon. >> and you can tell! >> obama quester. >> stephanie: rolls off the tongue. words alone won't avert it. replacing the president's sequester. there it is again in the second sentence. >> obama quester. hashtag. do you see the hashtag first or after? >> stephanie: i'm doing boner. >> but you probably didn't know either. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i was mocking him for something -- is this where we break or no? >> yes. good lord. >> stephanie: replace the president's sequester will require a plan to cut spending to put us back on the path to a budget to keep the
in second? caller: that would be clinton with the economy. he picked up the economy and we had a surplus. host: who wood your parents have said? caller: probably fdr, because he helped everybody, like social security and when there was no work, he helped people find work, came up with programs to help them get work. i'm not sure what it was called because i was not keeping up with it back then. all these programs became up with to help the working man. host: you remember your parents talking about this? caller: i do. host: how did they view government back then? caller: before he helped them, they probably gave it a 0 rating. host: francis, tennessee, republican caller. george washington? caller: correct. because he started the country, made the constitution were initially. before that, and he was the first in war, the first increase. he was a good and virtuous man and set an example for the rest of the president's to follow. host: what example is that? caller: he served two terms and stepped down. he advocated for a long time, people staying out of foreign entanglements. host: who would
of jobs and our entire economy at risk just to protect a few special interest tax loopholes that been fipt only the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations. >> reporter: if no deal is reached $85 billion in automatic cuts known as the sequester go into effect march 1. democrats want to close tax loopholes on the oil industry and raise taxes on millionaires. republicans want more deficit reduction. >> the president says it will be a balanced approach. so far it has all been tax increases. from the republican point of view they want to see the spending cuts in terms of the other side of it. >> reporter: if there is month compromise federal workers, everyone from fbi to border patrol agents, could be furloughed or laid off. a wells fargo study says federal and defense industry workers in maryland, virginia, and d.c., will be hardest hit. as the military faces massive cuts. a new bipartisan commission's plan led by former clinton adviser erskine bowles and alan simpson cuts the deficit by $2.4 trillion over ten years. >> they can squawk all then want to. get your country on course and fo
, the economy hanging in a balance and congress takes a break. congress gets one week off for every federal holiday, two weeks for spring break. many members come in on tuesday and leave thursday evening. david walker has long stay campaign. for members of congress. >> it is time to focus full-time on trying to defuse our ticking time bomb. they should say, why are you back in washington doing the people's work? >> members of congress said they need to take care of the business back home. congress is to act to keep the government operating and the have to deal with the debt ceiling by midday. george lettis , wbal-tv 11 news. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think, or should be able to break for holidays before a major problems are resolved? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to there is a bump in the road on immigration. >> someone leaked the white house plan and it is differed from what some lawmakers want. tracie potts has more. >> i am happy with the president. i'm optimistic we can g
out how to avoid these cuts. they will slow down the economy. negotiations have not gone anywhere. president obama had good conversations with john boehner and mitch mcconnell. the first time the president has talked to mcconnell in weeks. president is going to a military talent in virginia next week. many governors are in town for a yearly meeting and some will be going to the white house to talk to the president. >> what kind of effects will we feel in maryland? >> people of work will get less money from unemployment. look at the furloughs you will see for many federal workers. long lines at security checkpoints at airports. park rangers could be furloughed as well. not to mention all the military impact. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> the winner of the mega millions during claimed the jackpot on thursday appeared she wants to remain anonymous and purchased the ticket from a gas station in mount airy. she will get $12.6 million after taxes. sounds >> great -- >> sounds great. many decorated bowls for a fundraiser. money goes towards summer camps for children. they have raised
up about 20% of our local economy. defense spending alone makes up almost 10% of our economy. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is making a personal appeal to president obama to avert the potentially devastating cuts. he wrote a letter to the president asking him to make good on the campaign pledge to avoid the sequestration. >>> supreme court justices return to capitol hill today to hear arguments and release decisions during their spring term. they'll begin with a case pitting a small town farmer against agriculture giant monsan monsanto. next week the court will hear arguments about the constitutionality of a part of the voting rights act requiring southern states to get approval from the government before they can change voting laws. an alabama county says that requirement is outdated. >>> later this morning, the mother of a murdered child is suing the psychiatrist who evaluated the baby's father. they should have never allowed him unsupervised visits with their child. rams is accused of drowning prince mcloud rams last month. an affidavit said joaquin took out several life
-frank and they add up. >> they add up and they are devastating to the opportunity in the economy and that is it liberty in the economy . that's what we want people to exercise and one of the things that made this a great and unique nation. in the book we talk about how they cross the lines and particularly from the regulatory agenciless and that just handed enormous power to a number agencies . epa and fcc and national labor relations board and the president lost last month to us in the epa case and they lost in the lrb manner . that is what he is not baking off of. i don't see a slow down in the fight for liberty that the states are carrying on for the first four years of the administration as we head in the next four. >> they are stipulative of the regulations . they say he has to step in where congress is in grid lock. we need regulations to make sure we have clean air and safe roadways, so why not? >> that is contrary to why we have a congress and senate and why we have the house. they represent us, too. and as the president tried to say to the speaker, i won, get over it the
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